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aMute "Days Of Light & Let Go" new album trailer available

Over the last 20 years under the moniker aMute, Jérôme Deuson has been expanding a musical universe contained in its own discovered language and aesthetic.

His latest effort, Days of Light and Let Go, is a further expansion of this universe. Balancing minimalism, ambient electronic music, dark folk, and a gentle look back to the post rock of the early 2000’s, Days of Light and Let Go delves into the mechinations of both the external and internal worlds we find ourselves living in . The album opens softly pulling back the curtain, then crashing slowly into a driving beat and the beginning of an exploration into Deuson’s struggles with bipolarity and addiction. Sometimes claustrophobic, at other times wide open and sparse, Days of Light and Let Go is an attempt to confront the trappings of mental health and life’s changes, healing something inside and out. There are colors of Tim Hecker, Vangelis, A Silver Mount Zion, Xiu Xiu, and Swans as well as the various sounds and techniques developed over Deuson’s exploration into sonic landscapes.

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