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aMute's 6th album was licensed through Humpty Dumpty Records.

CD edition only designed by David Borsu & Jérôme Deuson. 


Delivered by postal service worldwide with a personal note from the artist to you. 


Written in 2014 & 2015, Bending Time in Waves is, again, a new approach to Amute's music. Dorwned in post-rockish ambiences and electronic apparatus, the album delivers power and a certain sense of optimism that we never encountered before in Jérôme Deuson's discography. Amute offers more than 50 minutes of intense melancholic and yet sometimes agressive melodies. Sometimes compared to Tim Hecker, Fennesz and Ben Frost, Amute's music is now closer to acts such as Mogwai, GY!BE and others. A terrific journey in the waves of time !


Featuring guest appearances from Eric Craven, Christophe Bailleau, Jeuc Dietrich, Offthesky.

aMute : Bending Time In Waves (CD)

  • Limited CD edition with a personal note. 

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