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aMute's 4th album was licensed through Humpty Dumpty Records.

CD edition only designed by Jérôme Deuson. 

This album features members of Tangtype. 

Delivered by postal service worldwide with a personal note from the artist to you. 


Amute, Jérome Deuson's musical alias, released its two first albums, both internationally acclaimed, on canadian label Intr-Vision Records in 2004 and 2006. Jérome then decided to focus on the live aspect of his music, and began integrating other musicians to the compositions. Written and recorded as a full band, the album Infernal Heights For A Drama came out in 2009 via Still, Jérome's own imprint, founded in 2005. Flying away from minimalist folktronica, Amute embraced a sensual and powerful electro rock.Now back as a solo act with his fourth album, Amute reveals a more experimental and melancholic side. Black Diamond Blues creates its own universe, where every element, acoustic or electronic, lives and blends in complex compositions, not far from the works of Tim Hecker or Christian Fennesz. Black Diamond Blues is a dense and very personal album, a story that never repeats itself, where melancholy sails on noisy, folk and electronica waters.

aMute : Black Diamond Blues (CD)

  • Limited CD edition with a personal note. 

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