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Born and raised in Belgium, Jérôme Deuson is an artist still living there, pursuing the push against habit in the interest of discovery. This same drive applies inside and out of the music career he has built over the last 20 years.  His music project, aMute, released their first record, A Hundred Dry Trees in 2004. Since then, aMute has released 6 more records and toured throughout Europe, the US and Canada. Most live shows were a combination of rehearsed and improvised reimaginings of their song catalogue. Each iteration of the live band was slightly different, but always Deuson at the heart of aMute, live and on record. 
In 2018, Deuson decided to reorient his relationship to music. This confrontation led to open doors for creative liberty. From this period of growth and reflection comes his latest release, Days of Light and Let Go.

When ordered through our website, your album will be signed for you and your loved ones. Or not. As you wish ;-) We'll also send you the HiRes Flac files. 

Posting fees have raised so much than sending one or 5 CD's comes at the same price, it's your chance to please your friends ! 

aMute • Days of Light & Let Go (Signed edition)

12,00 €Τιμή
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