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Blockbillion : To The River set to be release on JUNE 1st on Hopedrive Editions !

Take a glimpse at one of the top albums set to release this year! Michael Gundlach's debut project, Blockbillion, presents "To the River" - an exceptional album that blends folk, rock, and electronica elements. The album features a group of talented musicians from New York who helped Gundlach craft his amazing storytelling. "Indecision" is one of the tracks featured in this trailer. Hopedrive Editions is proud to release this masterpiece on June 1st, available on CD and every streaming platform. We are honored to present this amazing album that showcases the fusion of various musical genres, creating a fantastic listening experience. Stay tuned for more updates !

Blockbillion is the recording project of Michael Gundlach and mixing engineer Aaron Scott Mason.

Through the 2010's, Michael (former member of Apse) took a break from performing music on stage. He spent that time writing songs and playing music with friends, making puppets and performing theatre, leaming ceramics, and being a chef.

Ali the way up to 2020. While the world was halted and things were holding together as best they could, Michael spent his time inside playing guitar and writing. By June of 2020, he had

enough songs and ideas to make a record.

That June, he asked his good friend Aaron if he had any interest in working on this loose assemblage of songs and turning them into an album. Aaron had spent the last few years as a mixing engineer working in Brooklyn. He said yes and off they went.

Over the next several months, they began by dismantling the demos and breaking them down, rerecording parts, mixing, retaking vocals, mixing, adding percussion, mixing, and on and on. Once they had things at least a little more organized, they needed full, live drums and maybe some saxophone.

Michael enlisted the help of former Apse drummer, Brandon Collins, close friend and drummer Mike Marcinowski, as well as Marcinowski's friend and collaborator, saxophonist Jared Yee.

After a few sessions, ail the parts had been recorded. Through the end of 2020 and into 2021, they mixed and tinkered and worked on the record.

What came of ail that work is To The River.

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